Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Makes Me Happy

Mondays SUCK!

I try to limit my Monday obligations. Sundays (anticipating Monday) and Mondays are just full of suck. I was rattled right off the get go today because of early morning home repairs being done and it left me feeling like a bag of nerves. I get jittery, nauseous, tense, labored breathing and y'know- panicky. Before I medicate I try some simple mindfulness tricks to calm my senses.
  • light a couple tealights
  • burn an inscent (sandalwood is to die for)
  • drink a cool glass of water a or hot cuppa tea (mint/green) or hot-chocolate.
  • wash my hands alternating between hot and cold water.
Sometimes I'm so anxious, tense, or depressed awareness or mindfulness tricks don't help. Sometimes I have to take my daily allowance of "just in case" seroquel.That's okay! I had to today. No shame in that. While waiting for relief I still focused on simple things that make me happy, little things that I can do at almost anytime can help keep me from getting agitated or panicked beyond repair. Something that almost always soothes the savage inside me is music, loud music.
I love the YEAH YEAH YEAH'S.

 What simple things make you happy?

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  1. I take seroquel to. I take it mostly at night but on super anxious and emotional days I sometimes pop a few just to calm down. Music helps me to. I LOVE the yeah yeah yeah's. I find cooking helps me. I used to have to use self injury when I was especially upset but I try not to do that now. Sometimes I just bite down on my hand and groan out loud. It's sounds like crazy person material but it really helps! It seems like writing in this blog is really good for you. Keep it up!